General Movebank Terms of Use

The General Movebank Terms of Use apply to all users downloading data that are not their own. By accepting this document and accessing data from Movebank, the user agrees to the following:

  1. To follow the terms defined in the License Type or License Terms for each study from which data are accessed.

  2. To obtain permission from the data owner for the proposed use prior to downloading data. For studies that are publicly downloadable and have CC0, CC BY or CC BY-NC licenses, permission of the owner is not required for use. However if data will be used for new applications or analyses, we strongly encourage users to make a reasonable attempt to contact these owners about your intended use, and to offer co-authorship or other credit as appropriate for publications or products resulting from the use of these data.

  3. To follow Movebank’s citation guidelines for citing the use of data. Citation is required for data with CC BY or CC BY-NC licenses and if specified in the study’s License Terms. For data licensed with CC0 or if not specified by the study’s License Terms, we encourage following these guidelines or providing citation and acknowledgement in other ways as is feasible.

  4. Not to hold Movebank or the data owner liable for errors in the data. We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of these data.

  5. To assess the fitness of these data for the intended use. Allowing the download of these data does not suggest that Movebank or the data owner approve of the proposed use or support the results of your analysis. If you find potential errors or incomplete information within a study, please contact the study owner and/or

  6. To read and follow Movebank’s user agreement.

Last updated March 2020.