Create and manage live data feeds

Movebank provides free automated, near-live data feeds for a growing number of tag manufacturers and data providers:

  • Anitra: GSM-GPS tags, including acceleration, barometer, magnetometer, mortality and temperature data
  • Argos: diagnostic (DIAG) data from all PTTs and GPS data from GeoTrak, Lotek and Microwave Telemetry PTTs
  • Cellular Tracking Technologies (CTT): GSM-GPS tags
  • Druid Technology: GSM-GPS tags
  • Ecotone Telemetry: GSM-GPS tags, including acceleration data
  • e-obs GmbH: GSM-GPRS tags, including GPS, acceleration, magnetometer and orientation data
  • Fleetronic (now MoveTech): GSM-GPS tags including acceleration data
  • Followit Wildlife: Iridium and GSM-GPS Tellus collars
  • GeoTrak: Argos PTT-GPS tags, including Argos diagnostics and GPS data
  • HQXS: GPS tags, including all transmission methods supported by HQXS.
  • ICARUS: ICARUS GPS tags, including GPS, accelerometer, barometer and magnetometer data (currently in testing phase)
  • Intricode: Iridium GPS tags
  • KoEco: GSM-GPS tags
  • Lotek: Argos PinPoint PTT-GPS tags, including Argos diagnostics and GPS data
  • madebytheo (website no longer active): GSM-GPS tags, including acceleration, barometer and magnetometer data
  • Microwave Telemetry: Argos PTT-GPS and GSM-GPS tags, including Argos diagnostics, GPS and engineering data
  • Milsar: GSM-GPS tags, including acceleration, gyroscope and magnetometer data
  • MoveTech: GSM-GPS tags, including acceleration data
  • Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior (MPIAB): SigFox GPS tags
  • North Star Science and Technology: Globalstar tags
  • Ornitela: GSM-GPS tags, including accelerometer and magnetometer data
  • Telonics: GPS data from Iridium, Globalstar, and store-on-board tags
  • Wimbitek: GPS tags transmitted through GSM-GPRS and SigFox
  • University of Konstanz-Max Planck Society tags (imported directly by the provider)

To request data feeds for additional providers, please contact us at

Once you have created a study in Movebank, you can set up a subscription to automatically collect your data and add it to your study in Movebank. See detailed instructions for managing

Next steps

Once you have set up a subscription,

For studies that include the full set of original data from the tags, it is especially useful to understand the concepts of deployments and outliers in Movebank. For more about other features and tools for your study, see the data management and analysis section of this manual.

Note: Movebank relies on the Tag IDs sent by the providers to relate new data to tags in your study, so please do not change the Tag IDs for subscribed tags.

Timing and frequency of feed updates

We understand that receiving new data quickly can be critical, for example while in the field. The timing and frequency of feed updates depends on a number of factors:

  • the timing of data transmissions from your tag to the data provider;
  • the timing and frequency of updates sent by each data provider to Movebank's servers (in the case of Argos feeds, Movebank will access and import new data to your study every ~6 hours); and
  • the speed at which received data are imported to your study after Movebank receives them.

Movebank offers these data feeds as a free service and does not guarantee uninterrupted data access to data feeds, as described in our User Agreement. We make ongoing updates to the feed system to optimize processing and minimize delays in importing new data after we receive it. As of September 2019, the average time to import new feed data is 5 minutes, with a lag of around 50 minutes at the highest-traffic time of the day. Because Movebank does not use cloud storage, we can also be impacted by downtime or performance issues at the Max Planck Institute computing center where Movebank's servers are stored. If you need to receive new data more quickly or reliably than described here, we suggest talking with your tag provider about options, for example timing data transfer to Movebank to coincide with your tag transmissions, or for a more direct notification system that does not rely on receipt and import of data by Movebank.

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