Movebank is an online platform created to help researchers manage, share, analyze and archive data describing individual animal movements and other animal-borne sensor data. Researchers can use Movebank regardless of species, study area or source of funding. The tracking data in Movebank are owned by the researchers who collected them. This manual provides step-by-step instructions for adding, managing, sharing and accessing data on Movebank. If you're not sure where to start, visit Getting Started with Movebank. Send questions and feedback to

Part 1: An overview of Movebank

These sections describe features on Movebank that are available to the public and users that do not own or manage their own data.

1. The Movebank data model

2. Tracking Data Map

3. Studies page

4. Access data in Movebank

5. The Env-DATA System

5.1 Environmental data products

5.2 Env-DATA Track Annotation Service

5.3 Interpolation methods

5.4 Interpreting results and FAQ

6. Collaborations using Movebank

7. User accounts

7.1 Manage accounts

7.2 Notifications

Part 2: Data management with Movebank

These sections describe features used by data owners or other users who are Data Managers for studies in Movebank.

8. Permissions and data sharing

9. Create a study and add data

9.1 Create a study

9.2 Create and manage live data feeds

   9.2.1 Live feeds of Argos data

   9.2.2 Live feed notifications

9.3 Import supported standard formats

9.4 Import custom tabular data

9.5 Import reference data

9.6 Update or add attributes to existing data

9.7 Upload file attachments

9.8 Help with data uploads

10. Data management and analysis

10.1 Quality control of uploaded data

10.2 Define deployments and outliers

10.3 Deployment Manager

10.4 Event Editor

10.5 Data filters

   10.5.1 General purpose data filters

   10.5.2 Argos data filters

10.6 Manage Argos data

10.7 Manage geolocator data

10.8 Delete data