Live data feeds

Follow these instructions to subscribe to automated feeds for supported tags. For Argos PTTs, read here.

Start a feed

To start a new feed,

  • If you haven't already, register for a free account on Movebank and create a study to which your data will be sent.

  • If needed, update the permissions and sharing settings for the study.

  • Contact your tag provider to let them know you will be setting up a feed in Movebank, and include the following information:

    • Fleetronic and MoveTech: Provide the Movebank ID for your study (listed in the Study Details) and a list of tags you will want access to.
    • Ornitela: Provide your Movebank username/s and select tags you will want access to in their online portal.
    • All other supported manufacturers for non-Argos tags: Provide your Movebank username/s and a list of tags you will want access to.
  • Once you have confirmation that the provider has sent this information to Movebank, log in to Movebank, return to your study in the Studies page and select your provider under Live Feeds. NOTE: Only one feed subscription per provider is allowed in a study. This subscription can be for multiple tags, but one Movebank account must have permission from the provider to subscribe to all tags.

  • Select New. A window will open showing a list of available Tag IDs. If you do not see a Tag ID listed, it might be because Movebank has not yet received any data for the tag.

  • Select Add all tags or choose individual Tag IDs and click on . The chosen Tag IDs will now be listed under Selected tags.

  • Select Save.

Once your feed is started, learn about next steps and the timing and frequency of feed updates.

Manage existing feeds

The Live Feed Manager looks like this:

When a new tag is added to a feed, a Tag ID will be automatically created if it does not already exist in the study, and data will begin to import to your study. The first import typically occurs within minutes of adding a tag to a feed, but could take up to a few hours. CTT, e-obs, Followit Wildlife, HQXS, KoEco, madebytheo, Microwave and Ornitela will provide all existing data for each tag by default. For MoveTech tags, you can choose the date from which data for each tag should be added. Older data will not automatically be transferred from Fleetronic or Telonics, but can be imported as a custom tabular csv file.

To make changes to an existing feed,

  • If you are deploying additional tags, contact the provider with the required information as described above.

  • Go to the Studies page and log in to Movebank.

  • Select your provider name from under Live feeds. You will see a summary of your feed activity.

  • To change what tags are in the feed, select Add/remove tags. A window will open showing a list of available Tag IDs.

  • Select Add all tags, or select individual Tag IDs and click on or to add or remove tags from the list of Selected tags.

  • Select Save.

Note: Access to tags in data feeds is administered by the data provider as described above. Users with permission to manage a data feed might not be the same as the users who are Data Managers for a study. If you will have multiple Movebank users editing a feed, each of these users must have permission from the provider to access the data for the tags. If a user without access to tags attempts to edit the feed, the feed may stop collecting new data. You will receive a warning before making any changes that might affect the current feed.

Create a study and add data

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