Tracking Data Map

The main page for searching for and visualizing data from Movebank is the Tracking Data Map, available from the main menu under Data > Map. This page shows a map to the right and a search field and list of studies to the left. The studies list initially contains all Movebank studies to which the user (or if not logged in, the public) is granted some access by the study owner—this could include access to view a study name and summary, view some or all tracks, or download some or all data. If you do not have permission to view a study's name and summary, it will not appear on the map or list.

In the main search field, you can search for keywords that might be contained in the Study Details, for example the study name, taxon names, sensor type and the names of the PI (principal investigators) and contact person, common species names, sources of funding and titles of published papers.

Use the Sensor type dropdown list to limit the search to studies with a specific sensor type and check the box next to Only studies where I can see data to limit the search to studies for which you have Permissions to view the animal tracks.

The Advanced Search option allows searches by taxon, including for example the family Ramphastidae, the species Haliaeetus leucocephalus or the genus Panthera. Common names will not return results using the Advanced Search.

After clicking Search, the studies list will update with the search results.

Tracking Data Map

Search results